Openbravo Launches New Web POS

A completely integrated Retail Solution

Openbravo launches its new web Point of Sale (POS) module as its integrated solution for retail businesses, allowing small and large businesses have access to a modular, flexible, and configurable system that adapts to your business needs.

Why do we emphasize it to be a fully integrated solution?

The new Web POS is just the tip of the iceberg… behind this easy-to-use tool is a robust back office that allows you full control of your warehouse and inventory, procurement, sales, product management, pricing strategy and marketing along with keeping an eye on the bottom line with a complete financial management module.

Flexible?  Of course it is!!! Openbravo gives you the flexibility to have the system deployed in the cloud, allowing you to maintain your costs low and a short turnaround in deploying the solution.

Since the entire platform is designed for the web, from the point of sale to the backoffice system, you can take advantage of the flexibility so you can work anywhere you need to – including through mobile devices.  The POS also integrates HTML5 advanced functionality so you can work off-line… never loose a sale because your network went down. Once connectivity is reestablished all pending transactions get synced up with the back office system. You can also choose the robust  Java POS that can be installed on-site which can also integrates with the back office or as a stand-alone system, allowing for flexibility depending on your particular business need.

Best of all, both the Web POS and Java POS integrate all the advanced functionality you have come to expect from a retail solution, including advanced hardware support such as thermal printers, barcode readers, touch screens, scales, and card readers – that can be connected locally or on the network.

Success in retail is always based on providing clients a high level of service. This is why the Openbravo Retail Solution integrates a wide breadth of services and functionality while ensuring ease-of-use for the end-user. Sales, exchanges, returns, and advanced payment terms are all a snap.

This solution leverages the latest technology, at a low price, and with a short deployment schedule allowing you to focus on your business and your customers… giving you the competitive advantage you are looking for and allowing you to focus on your core business.

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