Roadmap 2014

It was 9am and you could feel everyone getting excited. The Partners started to come into the conference call to listen to Marco, Ismael, and Andreu – the CEO, CTO, and Channel Vice-president – present Openbravo’s vision and strategy for 2014.


“Today we want to present a new material that will serve as a metafore for our vision for Openbravo – Graphene. This material was discovered by two Russian scientist, winners for the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. With its hexagonal structure at a molecular level, it has amazing properties include a material that is extremely strong – 100 times stronger than steel – flexible, elastic, transparent, an excellent conductor for both electricity and heat, as light as carbon fiber and chemically it can easily be integrated with other compounds to develop new materials. The material holds great promise.”

With this vision, Openbravo positions itself as the platform for enterprise and the retail sectors of today with a solid, scalable, agile and flexible solution where the information easily flows. The platform is quickly extendible so you can develop on the core product or integrate other third party systems. This adaptability allows for modifications and adjustments to existing modules tailored to a specific industry or the development of entire verticals.

For 2014, the Roadmap includes the strengthening of mobility across the product with a strong focus on functionality for the retail sector. This will transform the core product into an even more agile enterprise platform that goes well beyond the myopic view of more traditional ERP systems, with finances and accounting at the center of the universe. This will include important improvements in the user experience, greater efficiencies in workflow reducing transactional friction making commerce easy –  store management, multi-channel sales and marketing, customer management, procurement and supply chain, financial management, and the most important… business analytics to ensure you feel the pulse of your business.

This is all possible because of some important changes in the life-cycle management of the product roadmap. First, Openbravo is modifying its release schedule, moving to a quarterly release that will include four major updates a year. The priorities of new functionality in the roadmap and defined in conjunction with a new Product Council composed by Openbravo executives and Partners where client and market priorities are discussed and debated – defining the short and mid-term product vision and scope.

This paints an ambitious picture for 2014 and the future of Openbravo. The new focus and functionality delivers an interesting prospect to the enterprise and particularly to the retail sector of Latin America – bringing them a powerful and flexible that can grow as their companies grow in a cost conscious manner that can adjust to their needs and resources. I, for one, am ready for the challenge. Are you?

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