Frustration, Disappointment, and High Costs… How you should approach Openbravo

Possibly one of my best pieces of advise when considering an ERP is to not make the decision solely based on price. Today I heard a sad story from an old prospective client whom I had called to catch up on things. He shared the following story with me.

Fast cheap free great

Three years ago we called this person as he had expressed interest in implementing  Openbravo. This is one of the largest and oldest textile companies in Guatemala. Today not only do they produce textiles, but they have a chain of retail stores where they sell their wares.

When the client initially contacted us, we carried out an exhaustive requirements analysis, that included production, and they were also keenly interested in the retail integration, as few products offered both in a single solution.

Three months into the negotiation process and after making numerous adjustments to the proposal, one of the main stockholders in the company opted not to work with a Certified Openbravo Partner, but rather with an independent consultant who promised he could implement the Community Edition of the product.

Today my colleague shared with me that after two years the consultant was not able to implement the system, they lost money and all that time – with the highest price being the opportunity cost. And what is perceived as the cause of the project’s failure is unfortunately not so much associated with the consultant, but rather the product.

Now, because the need still persists and it’s even more evident today, they have opted to implement one of the most costly solutions in the market… one that unfortunately does not have its own retail point of sale, but rather will require integration of the two products. I sincerely wish him the very best of luck and hope that after all this time, that they do come away satisfied their decision.

So what is the lesson learned here? The old adage is still very true… “You get what you pay for”

It is always best to receive advise and support from professionals that have the preparation and experience, not basing decisions solely on the basis of price. And within the price, be sure to compare apples to apples, ensuring you identify possible hidden costs or those that can come up in the short or mid term as the company evolves or grows.

There are lots of solutions in the market, and you shouldn’t only consider the product, as it may be very good, but also the correct im

Hay muchas soluciones en el mercado y no solo es considerar la solución, ya que por muy buena que sea, si no se implementa correctamente, el resultado no será el esperado.