A clear strategic vision is developed through a rigorous situational analysis of your company. This is how Alexius International can impact your competitiveness.

Through our experience, we have developed discrete company profiles where the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) can have a significant impact. Your company may be one of them…

Excelius Maximus – This type of company is one that has seen significant increased growth from a small or micro business to a medium business and in the beginning it made sense to use the most popular of ERPs – Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, the rhythm and size of your business has surpassed your ability to effectively manage and control your business with what is likely the world’s largest and most sophisticated spreadsheet. This makes it nearly impossible to have accurate and effective account of your inventory, invoicing, project management and accounting. Does this sound like someone you know?

Failed Project – Be this through an internal implementation or through several third party efforts, these deployments often do not meet your needs or expectations and cause you and your colleagues to be frustrated. Users and managers alike are frustrated with these investments that simply are providing the return you need. This causes a return to manual processes or worse, a patchwork of incoherent actions. Ring a bell?

Set a drift and without support – Systems and solutions that are tailor made or for a specific vertical market where the install base can introduce risk as it may simply provide insufficient income for the developer to provide support and continue to evolve the software solution. This can cause you to be left with an “end of life” product that is no longer supported or received updates.

This shirt’s too small – At one point, having that great software application installed on the accountant or office manager’s computer worked great, but now you have two warehouses, five stores, and your sales staff is constantly on the road – making that one computer a bottleneck rather than an effective way to manage your business. Sound familiar?

Alexius International has the experience and knowledge of international best practices to work together with you and make your business more competitive. Contact one of your consultants to learn more about what we can do for you.