Eliminating the phrase “The system doesn’t work…”

This phrase is the common denominator used by frustrated users of a new system and is one of the principle causes of why implementations fail or are simply ineffective. Usually this happens because of poor or nonexistent training. Getting the skills to your user-base is the starting point to ensure sustainability and the success of your technology solution deployment. 

Further, there are challenges today that require you to evolve and adapt the traditional training concepts:

  • Relevance – Many times, training is presented in such a generalized manner for a “catch-all” audience that your users don’t understand what their role or function is in the workflow. This causes users to feel indifferent about the training and feel it is a waste of their time.
  • Geografía – Companies and their staff are spread-out and getting everyone in one classroom at once is costly and can be nearly impossible. Therefore your content and how it is delivers needs not only to transcend distance and time, but must be engaging in order to be effective. .
  • Time – A main concern is the availability of time in staff’s busy schedules.
  • Current technologies – users today want to take advantage of current technologies and are not always keen on learning through a traditional classroom setting.

Using multimedia tools and being aware of the above stated challenges, Alexius International has simplified its training techniques through the build-out of role specific modular training that will match the areas of interest and functions each of the members of your staff plays. The modular training is also task based, so we quickly drill down from the concept to demonstrative and useful skills that show you how to complete a specific task (i.e. how to complete a sales order that gets forwarded to the warehouse for shipment).

This approach ensures the student learns at his/her own rythym and can return and review coursework as needed. This also leaves a knowledge repository, critical for companies and rolls that see a high rate of rotation. Say goodbye to binders that are shelved and never to be seen again.