Based on Openbravo’s “best practice”, the methodology starts with gaining a keen understanding of the client’s requirements through an exhaustive information gathering and analysis around your business operations – internal procedurs, accounting standards, regulations specific to your industry or state or country.

Once this information is collected and structured, we proceed to complete a GAP analysis against Openbravo ERP’s core functionality. This allows us to be able to quickly structure your information to be easily imported into Openbravo.

The integration of data templates, forms, reports, product categories, inputs, equipment, machinery, staff and other core data is structured together with its corresponding attributes to ensure that the base data to be later exploited in the business intelligence reports is accurately coded.

Project deployment and launch is based on an iterative approach based on today’s “agile” development methodologies. This ensures a continuous improvement cycle and the transference of knowledge to staff based on the role they play within your organization.