Support and Maintenance

One of the greatest concerns in integrating Open Source solutions has historically been the lack of qualified technical support and product maintenance. This has often been the determining factor in selecting a proprietary solution in lieu of the flexibility and lower total cost of ownership elements. Today’s Open Source model has changed drastically, providing a win win through certified support through an international network of partners and the guarantee offerred through a profesional subscription model for not only the ERP, but the entire stack. This is complemented through the complete access to the source code that ensures you are not locked-in to a single vendor. The Open Source model also ensures that the speed of innovation matches market demands and trends through a global community of open source contributors to the core system.

Alexius International is part of the global network of Certified Partners that provides support and maintenance locally where your company is, together with implementation services and the guarantee through the Professional Subscription provided by Openbravo agains any bugs that may be found in the code. Please contact one of our consultants to learn more about what Alexius International can do for you in supporting your Openbravo ERP project. f